Separation and divorce is a difficult process – and the personal and financial stresses involved with litigation can make the experience even harder. Mediation is an opportunity to lessen those stresses, providing an affordable opportunity to find resolution outside of a courtroom.


As a family law mediator, I provide a hybrid of the services of a family lawyer and a mediator.  As a mediator, am able to work with both parties to efficiently figure out a plan that works for the whole family.  As a family lawyer, I provide legal information to help both parties understand their situation from a legal perspective, I make sure you are thinking about all the legal issues you need to consider in your final agreement, and I draft the final separation agreement, which can only be done by a lawyer.


I have streamlined an approach to resolving family law matters, where the parties create their own plan for their family’s future with the benefit of having a lawyer guide the process and draft the resulting agreement. By combining these services, the process is quicker, more efficient, more effective and less expensive.


I am a lawyer and family law mediator practicing exclusively in the area of family law. Through my practice, I have watched families go through a separation and divorce and, in doing so, exhaust themselves emotionally and financially. The adversarial process can be very expensive and time consuming and it can destroy families because of increased animosity and stress. I did not like the role I had as a lawyer because I often felt that I was perpetuating that animosity and furthering a destructive process.


This is why after 10 years of practicing as a regular family lawyer, I quit my job at the downtown family law firm I was working for, and I started doing things a bit differently.  By shifting the focus of the separation away from it being about the past and onto it being about a plan to move forward, I feel like I am helping people through their separation in a positive way.


Family Law Legislation – Free searchable database of case law and legislation

Family Law Act –  BC’s governing legislation for family law

Divorce Act – Federal Legislation governing divorce in Canada

Federal Child Support Guidelines – Federal legislation governing child support

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines – Federal guidelines on the calculation of spousal support

Legal Information

JP Boyd on Family Law – A comprehensive survey of family law, divorce law and the court process in BC

Family Law in BC – A legal information website put out by the Legal Services Society about the law in BC

Canadian Bar Association – Dial a Law – Provides general information on a variety of legal topics in BC

Ministry of Attorney General – Family Justice – Provides general legal information of interest to couples who are separating in BC

Community Resources

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program – Organization that can facilitate the collection of child support under your order or agreement

Child Support Calculator – Online Child Support Calculator on the FMEP Website

BC Families in Transition – Professional counselling for families with legal support services and workshops.

Families Change – Practical information for all ages, put out by the Ministry of Attorney General and the Law Courts Education Society, regarding separation and divorce for families in BC

1Up – Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre – Providing support and education to families in Victoria, BC

Victoria Transition House for Women – Provides emergency shelter and counselling services to Victoria women

Adult Community & Addictions Services – Provides outpatient services, including counselling, psychiatric assessment, and education to individuals negatively affected by substance use.

Mediation Resources

Mediate BC – Mediate BC offers mediation information, services and programs for individuals, families and organizations.

Family Mediation Canada – information about mediation, certification of mediators, and a database of mediators in Canada.

British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute – information about alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation.


Rebecca F. Alleyne
Lawyer and Mediator

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Victoria, BC V8R 1C2
phone-iconTelephone: 250-595-0323
Facsimile: 250-595-3328

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Directions & Parking

Our office is located at the corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Fell Street.  There is free street parking for shorter pre-mediation meetings with Rebecca.  For longer sessions, please look for longer term parking at the Robbins parkade on Oak Bay Avenue and Bank Street (on the same block as our office).  There is also free parking on the street between Bank Street and Fell Street on Leighton Road.