I have streamlined an approach to resolving family law matters, where the parties create their own plan for their family’s future with the benefit of having a lawyer guide the process and draft the resulting agreement. By combining these services, the process is quicker, more efficient, more effective and less expensive.


The mediation itself is casual.  It is an opportunity to have a real conversation with the intention to plan how you and your family will move forward.  As a lawyer, I will provide legal information to help you make decisions.  I keep the conversation visual, child focussed, and future oriented, so that you use your time efficiently and effectively.


Of course, emotions run high in family matters. I have worked out ways to help people communicate with each other about the separation without destroying the relationship in the process.  The reality is that most separating couples do not have the luxury of severing ties with their former spouse. After the separation and divorce is complete, parents still need to talk about their children’s doctor appointments, attend soccer games and sit beside one another years down the road at their child’s graduation ceremony. I hope the mediation will be a solid and positive foundation for moving your family forward beyond the separation.